söndag 14 februari 2010

Challenge #348, 349 and 350...

I have been pretty busy this week... making one card after another, haha!
Oh, not to forget... cybercropping at Countryscrap.se! But I´m not gonna show all of the things I´ve made. Or, at least, not today.

The first card that I will show you, are for the challenge #348 ( Keep it simple) at 365 Cards.
You would have to start out with a blank piece of cardstock, stamp a image in one colour and not colour it in!, then ad one thing as an embellishment.
And here´s my result.
I´ve used a stamp from my best friend, Suss/ Pappersdraken. She has made herself a whole line of stamps. Mostly with friendly dragons... = ) Is this one adorable or what! .. and a little close-up. I had some trouble with the light in the room when I was taking the pictures... so, you will have to excuse the bad colours...
This next card is for the challenge # 349 - Directions. You should use words or signs to describe a direction. My direction is "... to the moon ... and back! "
I always tell my kids that I love them "to the moon and back" ... and the usually replys to me," I love you to all the countrys in the world and over all the seas.. and back" That is love!

And the last card that I will be showing you today is for challenge # 350 - Stacked Up!
You were suposed to make three different stacks of material.
I have stacked paper, arrows and images.
The word "fika?" means like "Coffee?"
I just love the colours on this card! So yummy!

And a little close-up on my stacking the images....

Well, this was my entries for 365 Cards. The stuff I have been making for the cybercrop will have to wait ´til tomorrow...
So, thanks for dropping by! Hope you found something you liked!
~~ LOVE! Sophia ~~

3 kommentarer:

  1. such FUN cards!!!!


  2. Heja på! Snyggt och fint, som allt du gör! Och tack för att min lilla blomsterdrake får flyga ut i stora världen :-)
    Kram, Suss

  3. Great cards - I am especially fond of your Keep it Simple card!!