söndag 29 maj 2011


Hi everyone!
I´m so, so sick and tired of my blog! It´s not working properly and I have to re-do a lot of writing and I´m still not pleased with how it looks when I´m done. I´m thinking about moving to wordpress instead of blogspot.

But, let´s not worry about that right now. I guess you are here for my Sunday Card..right?!
So...without further rambling from me...here it is! Enjoy!

A sentiment so true, so true!

And if you like to play along..here´s the super Sketch to follow this Sunday. Don´t forget to get your links uploaded on 365 Cards when you´re done crafting. We would love to see your take on the sketch!

Have a wonderful day!



söndag 22 maj 2011


Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and that you are able to get some crafty time for yourselfs. With five kids of my own, and a handful of their friends to go along with that, crafty time is so much needed. To let go of some of the steam and to rest my ears from all yelling. = )

Don´t get me wrong now...I love having all the kids around the house...and I love that their friend seem to like it here as well. But sometimes it´s just too much loud noices and to many people yelling for me to get this or that!

And that´s when I head off to my studio for some time on my own. Simply love it there! = )

Yesterday I headed out to my studio and made a card using the sketch of today at 365 Cards.
It´s Sunday and therefor time for the regular Super Sketchy Sunday! Weehoo...!
Want to have a look at my card...? Here you go...enjoy!

The image is called Street Corner Josh and comes from Sparkle Creations, our sponsor this week.

And as I take a look at the picture above, I see that I misspelled one of the words...it should read TEA...but I wrote it in Swedish...ooops! ; )

The signs are meant to be "Coffee?..Tea?..Me..?"

A close up on sweet Josh...

And as I said before, the image, Street Corner Josh, is from Sparkle Creations.

And if you feel inspired enough to take on the sketch....here it is! I really would love to see what you can come up with.

And when you are done with the sketch...don´t forget to upload it to 365 Cards, so I can come have a look at it!

That´s it folks!

Now I´m on my way out to do some gardening. Way, way to many daffodils in the flower beds...



söndag 15 maj 2011

.: Butterflies and flowers :.

Sunday...glorious Sunday...wonderful Sunday...!
Today I´ve had a wonderful and very inspiring day!
Early this morning, Suss and I , jumped into the car and headed for a crop in Eskilstuna. We met some old friends...Maiden, Anna and Camilla...and some new ones! The day was filled with creativity, laughter and girls talk...!
Can´t say that I managed to be so very creative...only have three cards completed and one that needs a final touch....But I had fun, fun, FUN! = )

Unfortunatelly, I can´t show you the cards I made...have to take some pictures of them in daylight first. But it´ll come, I assure you. = )
But what I can show you, is the card that I made yesterday. The one that´s for the Sunday Sketch at 365 Cards. Interested...?
Ok, here we go...!

The flowers and butterflies are all images from DRS Designs. They have all sorts of lovely rubberstamps and these are soo, so pretty!
I´ll treat you with a close-up...

....and another one...where you can see how I added some dimension to the card, by bending the wings of the butterflies a bit. I also added some glitter glue to the centers of the flowers and on the wings of the butterflies.

And like I said, these images comes from DRS Designs, this weeks sponsor of 365 Cards. They have a very generous prize for one lucky winner..so make sure to participate in one ( or all ) of this weeks challenges on 365 Cards!

And if you want to start right away...here´s the sketch to use.

And when your done...make sure to upload your link over on 365 Cards.

Looking forward to see your take... ; )

And with this, I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.



söndag 8 maj 2011

.: Whimsie Doodles and Sunday sketch:.

Hi and hello..!
This has been a really tough week for me.
Last weekend, my darling grandmother passed away. Even though it was expected ( she would have celebrated her 95:th birthday next month ) in many ways, it was hard on me. She will be missed!

Anyway...life goes on, and so does our cardmaking challenges at 365 Cards. Today it´s time for another Super Sketchy Sunday! Wee-hooo!!
I simply love challenges...and sketch challenges in particular. But this week I had quite some trouble coming up with a card that I was pleased with. Finally, I ended up with this one...soo...enjoy!

First out - two close-up pics. Showing my handmade flowers and the digis from Whimsie Doodles, this weeks sponsor of 365 Cards.

And here´s a view of the entire card. I kept it quite simple..sticking to a few, but bold, colors and only some handmade flowers as decoration. It´s a bit masculine, don´t you think?..even with the flowers.

Ok, I guess you are interested in having a look at the sketch of today. Here it comes!

And, as you can see, I tilted the sketch a little to better suit my wishes. Guess it´s my "Inner Rebel" calling... ; )

And the place to see more beautiful cards is, of course, 365 Cards! The right place if you like to take on a challenge or two...soo, run along now. Don´t miss the other dt sample cards..!

Have a wonderful week now.

I know I will try to have a better one then the last...! = )



söndag 1 maj 2011

.: Sunday...and May the 1:st!! :.

Can you belive it???
It´s May the 1:st....already! Where did April go..?...or March?
I think spring came when I least expected it....but no complaints here, no.
I would love to have more of that lovely and sunny weather....and please, add some spare days as well. I could settle for a few extra days...never seem to have enought of time to do all I want or have to....

But...today, I´ve been crafty....I have made a card using the sketch from Super Sketchy Sunday at 365 Cards. Yaaay!! And what a inspiring sketch it is then! You are up for a good one, that I can tell you. = )
Well...without further delay...here´s my spin on the sketch. Enjoy!

Yepp! No square card this time! ; ) I love this soft and round shape. Kind of feminin, don´t you think?
The image is part of a larger rubberstamp from gorgeous hÄnglar & stÄnglar. I got this set of rubberstamps as a gift from Marie, the owner of hÄnglar & stÄnglar. Thank you Marie! That was so very kind of you! <3 And if I´m not mistaken, I belive this is not the last of hÄnglar & stÄnglar that you see on 365 Cards... * wink, wink*

And...the close-up... = )

...and here you´ll find the sketch I followed. I would love to see your take on it! Soo...please do join us on 365 Cards.

Ok...that will have to be all for this time. Don´t forget to go see all the great cards that the other dt´s made.

Have a great Sunday...Don´t forget to stop and smell the roses = )

Hugs, Sophia