söndag 22 maj 2011


Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and that you are able to get some crafty time for yourselfs. With five kids of my own, and a handful of their friends to go along with that, crafty time is so much needed. To let go of some of the steam and to rest my ears from all yelling. = )

Don´t get me wrong now...I love having all the kids around the house...and I love that their friend seem to like it here as well. But sometimes it´s just too much loud noices and to many people yelling for me to get this or that!

And that´s when I head off to my studio for some time on my own. Simply love it there! = )

Yesterday I headed out to my studio and made a card using the sketch of today at 365 Cards.
It´s Sunday and therefor time for the regular Super Sketchy Sunday! Weehoo...!
Want to have a look at my card...? Here you go...enjoy!

The image is called Street Corner Josh and comes from Sparkle Creations, our sponsor this week.

And as I take a look at the picture above, I see that I misspelled one of the words...it should read TEA...but I wrote it in Swedish...ooops! ; )

The signs are meant to be "Coffee?..Tea?..Me..?"

A close up on sweet Josh...

And as I said before, the image, Street Corner Josh, is from Sparkle Creations.

And if you feel inspired enough to take on the sketch....here it is! I really would love to see what you can come up with.

And when you are done with the sketch...don´t forget to upload it to 365 Cards, so I can come have a look at it!

That´s it folks!

Now I´m on my way out to do some gardening. Way, way to many daffodils in the flower beds...



8 kommentarer:

  1. Great card! Love the image too.

  2. Oh sweet.. Love that hot cuppa! Gorgeous :)

  3. LOVE LOVE your stamp and such a cool card!!!!!!!

  4. girl you rocked this stamp and sketch :)

    hope you keep finding time to "hide" in your studio and craft :)

  5. Så stilrent läckert!

  6. Me encanta como has jugado esta semana con el Sketch.
    La imagen es genial, y tu le has dado un toque único!!