söndag 25 juli 2010


"...I wanna be loved by you...just you...and nobody else but you...!"
Anybody recognizing the song...? Oh, don´t worry. You soon willl, I guess.
But first, I´d like to welcome you all to another fantastic week at 365 Cards!
365 Cards

This week we are celebrating another 7 Sketches Week! And that means you are up for some really good and challengeing sketches to play with. And there´s a really thrilling prize too.... Pam is looking out for a few Guest Dt´s.... *wink, wink*

First out is this gorgeous sketch from Pamela. I soo loved the simplicity in it. Makes me wanna use it over and over again...

And here´s my take on it.

Have you found out yet were the lyrics came from...? Of course it´s from darling Betty Boop! Think she´s soo cool!!

Have to confess that this is a "joint venture"..... I got the sweet tag from one of the coolest scrappers I know - Maiden. The ribbon´s from my dear friend - Happy Anna ... and the patterned paper was given to me by my best friend - Suss!
Thank you girls! You are the best! I soo much apprecieted our crafty day together.

Well... don´t miss your chance to see all the other cool, beautiful and lovely cards from the DT´s... you don´t wanna miss it!

Have a great week now... and don´t forget to play with us... ; )



7 kommentarer:

  1. Å, det blev ju superläckert!! Tur att man inte slänger någonting!! ;-)
    Massa kramar

  2. Men hur snabb var inte du nu Maiden!
    Tack så mycket för den störtcoola tag-en. hade gärna haft väskan oxå....

  3. Åh va kul att se hur det blev...supersnyggt!
    Tack för en härlig dag med dig och dom andra tjejerna, det får vi gärna göra om :)
    Kram kram

  4. Such a fun card!!!! Love it!!!

  5. oh i love betty boop!!! fab card girl :)

  6. Såååå snyggt! Helt underbar tag!!! Tokgillar den damen!!! Hoppas du hade en fin helg!

  7. Det är alltid så kul att se hur fina dina kort blir i bloggen, speciellt som man har fått se hur fina de är i verkligheten också!
    Ni som kollar i denna bloggen ska veta att detta kort gjorde Sophia sent på kvällen-natten, när hon under dagen gjort över 70 inbjudningskort!!! du har en enorm kapacitet vännen, önskar jag var som du!
    Kram, Suss