söndag 16 januari 2011

.: Inspiration Week :.

Welcome to our "Inspiration Week" at 365 Cards.
One of the girls on the team - Manoli - came up with a great idea for us. Each of us got to pick one word that will mean something special for us this year...something to have as a guidance or a kind of goal this year.
I picked strength.

For us girls on the Sunday Sketch team, Pam came up with another one of her fabulous sketches. I really liked this one for it´s great possibilities and clean look. Thanks Pam!

And this is my take on it. Instead of a circle I used a pair of angelwings. I think that worked well with the sentiment I chose.
It reads"My strength is as the strength of ten, Because my heart is pure" ( Alfred Tennyson 1809-1892 )
A close-up on the wings....
Soo...why did I choose the word strenght?
There were plenty of good words I could have chosen, like Love, True or Best...but I chose strength.
Simply because I wish to have the strength to do the rigth thing in all situations.
The strenght to keep the smile on my face, even when it might be hard.
The strength to let my oldest son , Isak , go to Vancouver, Canada on an international childrens summer village, without me worrying all too much. ( might have to add that he´s only 11 years old, never have been abroad before and that he´s gonna be away for a whole month...gulp!)
Soo...you see there are quite a few reasons to pick that word. I have more reasons then that, but they are ones I like to keep to myself.
Ok..I guess you are now very curious about wich words the others picked. I´m not gonna stop you...soo, run off now and see for yourself.
Thanks for stopping by..and have great week ahead!

7 kommentarer:

  1. ohhh I LOVE your word, your card, your reason for chosing it and also the wings!!! that is all perfect!!!! love it

  2. Your card is fabulous. The wings are perfect to give your words flight. Great job!!

  3. Great word choice Sophia! Love your card and the wings are perfect!

  4. stunning card!! what a perfect word to use (11yrs and going overseas! yikes!)

  5. Vilket vackert kort! Helt underbart med änglavingarna!

  6. Me encanto tu tarjeta!
    Yo tambien estaría nerviosa si mi hijo se fuera al extranjero...bueno creo que no te sirvo de ayuda.
    Asi que pidamos fuerza para las dos,jeje

  7. Snyggt kort, läckert med vingarna!
    kram Annika