söndag 26 december 2010

.: Merry Christmas! :.

Merry Christmas...!
I hope you all have had the best Christmas ever...filled with lots of laughter and joy and that you got to spend the holiday with the ones you love!
Today it´s time for me to show you my last 365 card for this year...and this week we have no sponsors. And gives us the chance to play around with whatever stash we like!

And the sketch Pam gave us is fab! I mean, really, really fab! It gave me the opportunity to try something alittle bit different...You´ll see what I mean.... = )

And....Taa-daah! Here´s my, somewhat different, take on the sketch.
I used a regular cardbase and then attached another card on top of it. And this next card is a little bit special...it can be opened to show the inside...ohh...just look and you´ll know what I mean. ; )

With the flap just opened....See the neat folding?

...and here´s what it look like fully opened. Ain´t it pretty, or not?


I have a few pictures I would like to show you as well....
This first one is taken on the early morning of Christmas Eve...and the kids are full of anciety!
It´s not easy to get a shot with all five of the looking good..or, at least, normal!

From left, to right....Vilja ( 4,5 ), Isak ( 11 ), Ivan ( 2,5 ), Minja ( 9 ) and last but least...Liam ( 7 ).
I so, so love them! They are the joy in my life!

And this next picture is one I just wanted to share...think my little darling Vilja is simply adoreable sitting by the tree!

Hope you enjoyed my card ( and my photos ) and that you will take the time to write me a little comment to let me know you´ve been here.
Don´t miss out to visit 365 Cards...some goodlooking dt sample cards there...

And with that I´ll leave you.
Thanks for the visit and hope to see you back here next year!

To all of you, I wish a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!

5 kommentarer:

  1. ok I just LOVE the fun pop out on your card!!! that is sooo fun and clever!!! great colors

  2. Sofía me encantó la tarjeta!!!
    Tengo que saber como se hace,jejeje.

    Las fotos de los pequeños son preciosas, tu niña es guapisima.
    Disfrutar de las fiestas!
    Un abrazo.

  3. Vilket fantastiskt kort, helt MAGISKT!!!! Och vilka fina ungar, hoppas din jul blev riktigt härlig!!!

  4. gorgeous card...love the surprise on the inside!!! Fun pics!!!

  5. stunning card girl and so clever!!!
    your little ones are just precious :)