tisdag 16 mars 2010

Sunday sketch... a little to late = )

Hi everyone!

I´m back...!.... or, at least for a short update... ; )
It´s been really weird around our house the past week.

First I got a chance to work fulltime last week. It was great fun! I really enjoy working in a café.
To meet so much people... it sure puts a smile on my face!

Then, on Saturday, we had some friends over for a "Glitter and Glamour-party".
Oh my! All girls in fancy dresses and the men had put on their smokings! Can you picture that!
Me in a long, goldshimmering dress ...

But on Sunday we woke up to find out that 3 out of 5 kids were sick!.... *sigh*
Soooo.... yesterday and today, I spent a couple of hours on taking the kids to the doctor. The result...? 4 kids on antibiotics for ten days... and the 5:th kid will probably get antibiotics as well...!
So, now you know what I fill my days ( and nights too! ) with. Not so much time to be creative around here.... ; )

But, before I head back to my kids, I want to show you this Sunday Super Sketch at 365 Cards.
Pamela had made it easy for us this time! This was the same sketch as we had to use for our dt-application.
But you know me! Why go for the easy way...?
So I had to make another card using the same sketch = )
And here´s how it turned out.

I used brown Bazzill cardstock and folded it like a Z. Then dressed it with some beautiful Bo Bunny paper. To make even more pretty, I stamped some swirls around the corners.
The absolutely gorgeous vintage-tag is a pre-made tag that I bought a couple of weeks ago.
And I could cry my eyes out for not buing more than just one! How stupid can one get...? = )

The sentiment " Amor Vincit Omnia" means "Love conquers all".

Well, well.... I have to go... my kids need a little attention from me... I think it´s time for lunch and medication now...

Thanks for dropping by!
Please leave me some words before you leave. It´s always nice to have some feedback ; )

~~ LOVE! ~~

5 kommentarer:

  1. this is such a stunning card!! so sorry your children are all sick. hope they get well soon. i bet you looked beautiful in the long gown :)

  2. Your card is sooo pretty...hope that the kids are feeling better...you should post a pic of you in your dress!!

  3. Just wanted to drop by to tell you how much I love this card. It's fantastic. Love the vintage and the color scheme! Wow!!!!

  4. Helt otroligt fint! Helt OTROLIGT! Och du, ledsen med barna. Hoppas de mår bättre nu, att antibiotikan gjort sitt. Kan inte föreställa mig hur det kan vara jag som bara har en skrotunge (som dessutom nästan aldrig är sjuk)

    Och tack snälla du för awarden. Blev verkligen glad och jag återkommer inom kort angående det. TACK!!!